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Cheft was founded in 2006 as a manual production line of metal straps and seals used in packaging. After two years, the production line was fully automated by the design team in a way that human interference in the production process was reduced to a minimum, comprised of only an operating technician.

The advantages of automating the production line are:

1) Increasing accuracy and quality of the production process, in a way that Cheft’s products now have the highest quality among similar “local” products, as well as being capable of competing with international ones.

2) Decreasing work injuries.

3) Creating new employment opportunities for expert workforce.
In the past years, through the blessings of God and the trust of customers, Cheft has succeeded in bringing various products to market under the brand name “CHEFT”, including different metal seals and straps used in the packaging industry. In addition, in cases where customers require a packaging product with unusual specifications, Cheft’s design team can cost-efficiently create the casts and machinery to fulfill the customers' particular needs.

With many years of experience in the packaging industry and a complete knowledge of the industry’s needs, Cheft is proud to supply and distribute all necessities of the packaging industry including:
-All the machinery used in the industry
-All the tools needed for packaging, including manual, pneumatic, electric…  All necessary materials used in packaging Cheft counselors have a vast knowledge of the packaging industry which allows them to provide trustworthy advice and practical offers to their customers in order their time and money.

In the packaging industry, Cheft is honored to provide services such as supplying parts and providing repair for various packaging machinery. Cheft has an efficient reliable repair team in a way that the engineers in this department, produce products with low price and high quality.

Cheft’s repair team is comprised of an electric branch and a mechanic branch, upon troubleshooting and detecting machines defect, the machine is referred to the appropriate branch for all necessary measures to be taken and services provided in the best possible way.

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